Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - An Annual Winter Mega-Event Since 1964

As there has been extensive coverage regarding bikinis and supermodels the past few weeks, starting with Extra's Maria Menounos bikini-clad show in Times Square, followed by the unveiling of Kate Upton as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model (again in Times Square), and then by former SI supermodel Kathy Ireland gracing Forbes as a supermogul, perhaps a brief look at the history of SI and their Swimsuit Issue is in order.

On January 20, 1964, Sports Illustrated magazine began what has become an annual megaevent, while also assisting in greatly popularizing the bikini and in launching a new Supermodel era.

The original idea was to fill some pages of the magazine with content during the then-slow winter sporting months. The issue featured Babette March on the cover with a five-page layout inside.
The vast majority of women who have graced the Swimsuit Edition cover and interior have been models, though entertainers and athletes have also participated, such as Beyonce Knowles (cover), Anna Kournikova (inset and interior) and Danica Patrick (interior).
Only one woman has claimed the throne five times, that being Elle Macpherson (1986, 1987, 1988, 1994 - shared with Kathy Ireland and Rachel Hunter, and 2006 - featuring an all-star cast of previous cover models). Ireland, Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley and Daniela Pestova have each adorned the cover three times.

As an aside, the time period between Macpherson's first and most recent cover appearance was 20 years (1986 and 2006) with Tiegs coming in second in that category at 13 years (1970 and 1983).
While most people probably relate the Swimsuit Edition entirely with bikinis there have been plenty of issues where a one-piece suit was featured though, admittedly, the last one-piece cover appeared in 1998 with Heidi Klum.

More recently, in the 21st century, the bikinis have become smaller or non-existant with some covers displaying the models wearing just the bottoms while holding their bikini tops or covering themselves, i.e., the 2006 "All Star SI Cover Model Beach Party."
Throughout the years SI has lost some readers due to the provocative nature of the women and their suits, they have been critized by others who have accused the magazine of selling women as a product, and probably myriad other reasons.

Despite it all, Sports Illustrated has survived and is the 15th largest circulation magazine in the United States while the Swimsuit Edition generally ranks extremely well in single issue sales every year.

And, as an bonus, especially for the models, SI has launched quite a few very profitable careers.

One can only speculate what the 50th Anniversary issue will contain in 2014.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kathy Ireland Story In Forbes Closely Follows Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover Launch

People in public relations and marketing who are clever will capitalize on any and every opportunity to promote their good and services.

That is their function, after all, to make their client stand out and sell product.

Thus, it is really no surprise that Kathy Ireland, former Sports Illustrated cover and supermodel who turned into quite the successful businesswoman, has captured the cover, and cover story, of a soon-to-be-released issue of Forbes magazine.
Ireland was featured in the SI Swimsuit edition 13 times, including gracing the cover on three of those. Her 1989 cover, the 25th anniversary edition, still holds the crown as the best-selling swimsuit issue of all time.
Back to the point at hand.

Following an extremely successful release of the latest SI swimsuit issue, wherein all manner of attention is bestowed upon the winner, Kate Upton, and Sports Illustrated, it makes perfect sense for Ireland, and Forbes, to ride that wave and, perhaps, garner, extreme sales for the Queen of Licensing (Martha Stewart holds second place).

Ireland's business and career strategy, detailed in Forbes, paid off quite handsomely. Catering to the working mom with her products, Kathy Ireland Worldwide is worth north of $300 million.

The lady has done quite well, to say the least.

And, even if someone is to say that the timing of Forbes featuring Ireland so quickly following Upton and the SI Swimsuit edition is a coincidence, this blogger won't buy it as everyone knows the approximate annual date for uncovering the swimsuit beauties.

Congratulations to Kathy Ireland for making, it certainly appears, all the right moves.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Model Kate Upton Captures Sports Illustrated 2012 Swimsuit Issue Cover

Guess model, 19 year old Kate Upton, claimed the coveted "Super Cover" over nine other final contenders, as announced on David Letterman's "Late Show."

The fanfare utilized by SI for the New York announcement is nothing less than spectacular, with an unveiling of a huge cover reproduction in Time's Square.
Her selection is a unique distinction, joining such company as Christie Brinkely and Elle Macpherson, as the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition sells more copies than any other magazine in existence.
Kate Upton was photographed by Walter Iooss Jr.
in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Swimsuit by Suit Yourself Bikinis by Kathleen Bruening
Despite the fact that the cover leaked and was rapidly spread online in no way diminishes the impact of the announcement.

As the 5'10" winner points out in the video following, SI does a tremendous job in name recognition for all of the models who were in contention:

Congratulations to SI 2012 Swimsuit Model of the Year Kate Upton, who had been named Rookie of the Year in her bid to capture the 2011 SI special cover.

Perhaps TV's Extra had planned their bikini revealing excursion specifically to the Square with correspondent Maria Menounos, after losing her Super Bowl wager, knowing SI would soon follow. Just a thought.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Extra's Maria Menounos Loses Super Bowl Bet, Dons Bikini in Times Square

One thing is definite after Maria Menounos, the quite attractive 33-year-old correspondent at Extra, lost her Super Bowl bet: she will not likely try something like this again, especially during winter.
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Maria and a co-worker wagered not money on who would win the 2012 football classic, but something more personal. She backed the New England Patriots and, after losing, made good on the wager by wearing a blue and red New York Giants bikini in Times Square (complete with black UGGs, allowing some warmth).

Had she (and the Patriots) won, A. J. Calloway would have had to wear a Patriot's cheerleading outfit. It is unfortunate that we will never know if he would have honored his loss the way she did hers. For more of the action, watch the video below.

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